Our organization is committed to work in the following areas:

Ayushman Pratisthan was established on 23rd September 2015. Active in social service since last 24 years, Shri Ashok Landge is one of the founder of the organization.He was selected in the first Mohalla committee in Mumbai for his efforts in establishing peace and harmony during the 1992-93 Goregaon Transit Camp riots.During the 2005 floods, he helped nine families from Aai Gavdevi Chawl, Diva Village Thane by providing them shelter and basic needs, as well as helped them in getting government relief funds.Since 24 years, he is doing various social services to serve the society selflessly.


Our organization is committed to work in the following areas:

Medical Assistance

Distribution of snacks and blankets among patients living in orphanage and sidewalks.

Educational Activities

Providing necessary materials for schools to kids of unorganized labourers.

Social Activities

Providing essential necessities to, or make them available for, blinds, handicapped, orphans, widows, tribals, senior citizens and other needy people. Also, providing trainings to help them become independent.

Our Partners

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.